pHformula MD Acne Kit

3-Step Starter Kit For Acne-prone skin

Excess Sebum & Enlarged Pores

  • Product Size: 100ml (Cleanser) + 50ml (AC Cream) + 50ml (Post Cream)
  • SPF: None
  • Application Area:  Face
  • Paraben Free: Yes
  • Use: PM/AM


Product Details


    Apply and massage gently over face and neck area. Rinse thoroughly with water. Use as a mask by applying a thin layer and leaving it on for 10 minutes before rinsing.
    Apply to a clean, dry skin after cleansing in the morning and evening. Apply this corrective treatment under the pHformula Recovery cream or another day and night that does not contain active ingredients i.e. neutral cream. It is best to introduce active ingredients to the skin slowly accordance to your skin tolerance.
    Apply once or twice daily on top of other pHformula actives or post-recovery prescription products for extra hydration and protection. Always a apply a good quality, high factor, broad spectrum sunscreen over this product every morning. Store products in a cool, dry place.


pHformula MD Acne Kit is a 3-step starter kit for the on-going treatment of oil control and acne. All products are full sizes.

  • pHformula MD EXFO Cleanse – Exfoliating cleanser for all skin types
  • pHformula MD AC Active – Targeted cream that reduces sebum, lesions & pore size
  • pHformula MD Post Recovery – Hydrating and reparative cream

Dr Webster’s Recommendation: An easy 3-product program for the on-going treatment of Acne. It includes a gentle daily cleanser that exfoliates dead skin cells. A targeted moisturiser containing a cocktail of proven actives, that can be used both morning & evening. A hydrating and repairing barrier cream will help reduce inflammatory conditions associated with acne, whilst maintaining a natural and healthy level of skin moisturisation. I would strongly advise using a broad-spectrum sunscreen during the day.

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